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Apartment in a complex FOR SALE in Sunny Beach

  · place: Sunny Beach
  · region: Burgas
  · total surface: 35 sq.m.
property location
 airport - 26 km
 train - 35 km
 bus - 0.200 km
 beach - 0.350 km
Orange Residence, Sunny Beach

The complex of holiday studios "Orange Residence" is located in the western part of the resort SunnyBeach. It is situated over a regulated landed property I -189 in district 5801 from the building-regulation plan of the complex on a total area of 1452 sqm. The region is characterized by the following important features:
* The street is quiet and has no intensive traffic;
* Elite view of region and buildings near by are extremely popular hotel complexes "Barco Del Sol", "Sands", "Sun Village", "Bravo 5", "Izola Paradise ";
* There's an easy access to the major roads Nessebar-SunnyBeach and Bourgas–Varna;
* There's no extra charge for the admission of cars as in the eastern area;
* In close proximity to the downtown part of the resort. "Orange Residence" is in fact situated in a walking distance from all sites popular among the visitors in the resort:
- Beach of the resort - 350 m
- Central pedestrian alley - 200 m
- Central bus-stop, taxi station, station of the tourist small trains - 200 m
- Polyclinic - 150 m
- Round-the-clock working pharmacy - 100 m
- Police - 100 m
- Post office - 350 m
- Central market-place for goods and food products - 200 m
- Bank offices - 100 - 200 m
- Change offices - 100 m
- Tourist offices - 100 - 200 m
- Attractive restaurants and bars at the cheapest price - 100 - 300 m
- The most popular discos and nightclubs in the resort - 300 - 400 m
- Aquapark “Action” - 400 m

The apartment complex was projected as flats for seasonal use (all year round use is also possible). The residential area is compact designed in one room apartments - type studio. The flats are economical having in mind their purpose: a large living room with a kitchenette and a place for dining, anteroom with a wardrobe. There is an individual bathroom with a bath-tub. It is being envisioned on necessity living room is being adapted as extra space starts sleeping on /in shape-2 + 2 persons/.
Through expansion of suggested apartments in the complex there are designed 10 one bedroom apartments at most compactness disposition of rooms. Each of them is consist of bedroom, living room with a kitchenette and a place for dining, anteroom with a wardrobe and bathroom with a bath-tub.

The project is composed in compact capacity, located in the south-western part of the area, with the purpose to obtain maximum free space area, necessary for disposing the infrastructure of the complex.
Because of their seaside characteristics, the terraces are large and by means of the sliding doors when opened, they become a natural extension to the living rooms.
The architectural chart is cleared and it is discharged of unnecessary detail. The fresh colour decision gives the project a modern appearance and style.

The building is without a basement, and consist 6 floors, the last is in part level.
The studio will be accessible from a controlled entrance, staircase and elevator, located central in the territory of the building.
The construction is solid – armored concrete with a scaffolding beamless construction system.
The walls are filled with ceramic bricks, protected from outside with the necessary heat insulation – with regard to the standard. The inner walls will be worked with materials without wet processes. The facades will be shaped with mineral water-resist plasters, wood, metal etc. according to the architectural details. The doors and windows will be PVC with a thermal bridge, which will contribute to the general comfort in the building.
There will also be available the necessary communication, information and security installations; cable TV, Internet, as well as a preparation for the assembly of the air-conditioning installation.

The courtyard will be abundantly planted with trees and shrubs. The accessibility is controlled through the main entrance of the building. An outdoor swimming pool is designed together with children’s section. There is also a pool-bar, which is naturally connected with the building.
The Entrance at the building site happens true the main entrance from the street from the west by east facing. There is a separate area for a small parking lot at the front of main entrance of the complex, as well as from the northern part of the complex.

Completion of Orange Residence: 30.05.2008 
Stage 1 - 17.10.2007: Turning the first sod;
Stage 2 - 10.2007 - 15.11.2007: Digging. Terracing the terrain. Moulding of the ground floor and the first plate.
Stage 3 - 15.11.2007–31.12.2007: Completion of the rough construction works of 1st and 2nd floor
Stage 4 - 01.01.2008-28.02.2008: Completion of the construction works of floors 3-6.
Signing of the Act for approving the construction of the building up to stage "rough construction works" /Act Pattern 14/.
Stage 5 - 28.02.2007–31.03.2008: Construction of all barrage walls, building up the roof construction, setting up all installations, windows and doors, insulations, outside plastering. Finishing works.
Stage 6 - Not later than 15.05.2008: Completing all finishing works. Final completion of the building. Signing of Act Pattern 15.
Stage 7 - 15.05.2008–30.05.2008: Final completion of the vertical planning of the building. Organization activities to prepare the exploitation of the building site for the summer tourist season.
Stage 8 - 30.05.2008: Delivering the apartments to their owners.
Stage 9 - Not later than 30.06.2008: Issuing a Certificate for the utilization of the building site /Act Pattern 16/.

The maintained tax is 10 EUR/sq.m of the full build-up area yearly.
After signing the maintenance contract, the owners of apartments in "Orange Residence" has the opportunity use the under mentioned services is being extended:
* a twenty four hours security service;
* every-day cleaning of the shared and nearby areas;
* maintenance and watering of the adjoining lawns;
* free use of the swimming pool;
* consumption of water and electricity for the shared space;
* technical maintenance of the property – elevators, lighting etc.;
* on demand of the owner, to afford a studio for rent of foreign tourist provided by travel agency against Guarantee Rent at the rate of 1500 EUR per season /90-100 days/for minimum 3 years;
* on demand of the owner the contract is a subject to continuing without any restriction, in case of variation of the situation a guarantee income is subject of updating;
* in case of affording the studio for a rent on Tour-operator agreement for Guarantee rent the operating costs for laundry and cleaning of the studio are on expense of travel agency;
* the insurance of apartments is on owner account and it’s binding.

Services provided for extra charge:
* cleaning and airing the flats;
* laundry and ironing;
* current repairs and technical maintenance of each owner's flat;
* arrangement on the spot of the payment of taxes owed by the owners: for the building and the refuse as well as all current bills for the communal expenses – electricity, water, telephone etc.;
* providing a baby-sitter;
* rent-a-car services;
* general tourist services such as:
- plane, bus and train tickets;
- excursions in Bulgaria as well as in neighboring countries;
- professional guides.

Transfers to the airport – group and individual.

Finishing of apartments
Base level of the conclusion of the construction works
- rooms: living-room, kitchenette, corridors, ceramics (laminate on request)
- bathrooms: terra-cotta
- terrace: ceramics
- rooms: living-room, kitchen, corridors -plaster pasteboard painted with latex
- bathrooms: faience
- outside walls: heat insulation
- completely fitted out with sanitary faience, bath-tub/shower cabin on request – charge for extra
Water-supply and sewerage installations
- water-supply: polypropylene
- sewerage: PVC
- individual water-meter for each flat
Electrical installations
- standard cabling set in corrugated tubes
- switches, wall plugs and lamp terminals
- lighting fixtures for the shared areas and the nearby area
- individual electrometer for each flat
- individual electric boiler for each flat
- sink and cupboards with the necessary electric terminals, water-supply and sewerage installations

Setting up an installation for cable TV, Internet
Split air-conditioning installation 1 peace for each apartment
Telephone installation

Kitchen electrical appliances at the client's choice:
* Hot plates /ceramic – for extra charge/
* Refrigerator 80 l.
* Absorber
* Microwave oven - for extra charge
Full bedroom furnishing – under application 1 from preliminary contract
Full living-room furnishing - under application 1 from preliminary contract
TV – 14" (21" and biggest for extra payments )

Dinning set, bedroom body linen and other accessories - for extra charge. /It is recommended from the apartments for rent/.

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Published on: 21 July 2008
Last modified: 18 February 2010